Wise words

Sometimes you know the answers, but crave the words to come from another that you respect more than you trust yourself. 

"I long for something that's safe and warm, but all I have is all that is gone."

I'm growing a fondness for Passenger. 

One of the many striking images in Claire Rosen's bird series

One of the many striking images in Claire Rosen's bird series

Today I had the the pleasure of catching up with, and getting some worldly advice from New York fashion photographer, Claire Rosen. If you aren't familiar with her work, you should be: 


I met Claire at Hallmark while she was doing a three day guest workshop. During this workshop we were put into groups that were supposed to create a structured conceptual photograph. The moment I saw Claire I knew that we were kindred spirits. Her long curly brown hair, red lipstick, and vintage skirt were the dead giveaways. "She'll get me," I told myself, and I was right. 

Claire inspires me as an artist because she pursues what she loves, no matter how it will "fit" into the industry. Every single photograph she makes, or job that she does, is rooted with art. They are each their very own masterpieces. So thoughtful, tender, and handled with care. I knew that there was something intimate behind every image- a story she needed to tell. There's nothing I could respect more than the passion and drive to do more than just get the job done. 

A few weeks after Claire came to our school, I was fortunate to meet her for dinner in New York. It worked out that she was in town and I was visiting for the weekend. It was then that I realized that Claire wasn't just a muse and idol- she was a person, and a wonderful one at that. It was then that I started to accept that the industry wasn't a soulless one. That there are still people who love and laugh and cry.

As I ate my overpriced shrimp cocktail and tipped my head back to laugh, my heart was full. 

So this brings us to today.

When I spoke to Claire this morning, I was on the edge of my seat. I was so anxious to hear from someone that I respected so much. But of course, she told me exactly what my conscious has told me all along. "Stay busy, stay on top of it, pick a day, get out of there," Which is exactly what I intend to do.

So stubborn are our souls, to spare the tender heart. How grateful I am that there are so many people only wish to see me succeed? So begins the journey to the next.

I'm ready.