My hunny. Sean Michael Chene.

My hunny. Sean Michael Chene.

The Eye of the Beholder of Beauty

Hello friends, I am Emily Rose Darrow. Texas-born, California-raised, and Michigan-produced. I find comfort in thrifted fur coats, and fresh flowers on my kitchen table. I enjoy the hum of the city, and the sound of country rain. Family is everything and mine is huge. I have a sweet man, two cats, a mischievous little red-headed boy, and a sweet little girl that I get to wake up to every morning. 

Proud Hallmark Institute of Photography graduate; I have had the esteemed and highest honor of learning from greats such as David Turner and Gregory Heisler. I am experienced in all facets of both portrait and corporate work; this means I have photographed babies, grand openings, and even airplanes.  I also offer graphic and web design services to my clients. 

All of my work is treated with the same amount of compassion, attention and sensitivity. I am dedicated, motivated and enjoying my existence moment by moment- wandering into each opportunity with confidence, excitement and grace.

For general contact, I can be reached at emily@emilyroseimagery.com